The Ministry of Water and Energy is placed under the authority of a Minister.

The Ministry of Water and Energy is responsible for developing and implementing Government policy on the production, transport and distribution of water and energy.

In this capacity, it is responsible for:

  • Developing government strategies and plans for water and energy supply;
  • Carrying out water exploration, research and exploitation in urban and rural areas
  • Improving the quantity and quality of water and energy production
  • Promoting investments in the water and energy sectors, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development and the relevant administrations;
  • Promoting new energy sources, in conjunction with the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation;
  • Regulating the use of water in agriculture, industry and health related activities, in conjunction with the relevant administrations;
  • Ensuring the follow-up of the management of water basins;
  • Monitoring the management of water tables;
  • Monitoring the downstream petroleum and gas sector;
  • Monitoring the regulatory companies in the water and energy sectors.

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