[Translate to English:] Peu importe la témérité des trafiquants, le MINEE est déterminé à éradiquer ce fléau.


MINEE is determined to eradicate this scourge, no matter how reckless the traffickers are.

The Minister of Water Resources and Energy Gaston ELOUNDOU ESSOMBA remains committed and determined in the fight against the illicit sale and smuggling of oil products in Cameroon.

To this end, he spares no effort to get rid of this scourge, or at least to reduce it considerably.

It is with this in mind that Sworn Inspectors of the Department of Petroleum Products and Gas of MINEE and Forces of Law and Order (FMO) have once again moved into the city of Douala and its surroundings to seize all oil products sold illegally in the streets and those stored in makeshift shops.

The team left Yaoundé on Monday, 12 September and arrived in Douala on Tuesday, 13 September 2022 in the early hours of the morning, and immediately set up the working strategy

At 8am, the journey of  MINEE’s staff began in the streets of Douala where the sale of these dangerous products takes place. The hunt was on; a real chase between the traffickers, the illicit sellers and  MINEE officers under the control and security of the Forces of Law and Order. All the nooks and crannies of the traffic were scrutinised. The control mission, after having struck the streets of some neighbourhoods of the Economic Capital such as Bonaberi, Axe Lourd Village, Ndobo, Kotto, Bonamoussadi, Makepe Missoke and Bependa, then went to the locality of Souza where it combed all the streets. All suspected shops and storage facilities in these areas were systematically searched. It emerged that some smugglers had given up the activity and that those who were stubborn had their products seized and loaded into the van that had been prepared for this purpose.

The mission ended on 15 September 2022 with the seizure of 2150 litres of all types of fuel and a number of makeshift counters destroyed.


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